About us

About us

Aaj Real Estate Investment Company was established in 2008 as a closed joint stock Saudi company with a capital of one hundred and twenty million Saudi riyals, and it works to provide innovative real estate solutions in the areas of establishing, owning and managing (residential complexes – commercial complexes – gas stations – commercial markets – warehouses) and investment in All real estate areas that are in line with the company’s activity and objectives.
The company’s strategy is currently summarized in the development and establishment of commercial real estate projects in the main regions such as Riyadh and Qassim.
Ivory has recently taken many important measures that would make a qualitative leap in the methods of implementing its projects, serving its customers and managing its resources in an integrated manner and in a manner that embodies the best international practices recognized in the real estate field.

Our Message

Achieving remunerative financial and moral returns for customers, employees and investors

Our Vision

Moving real estate investment to horizons that are able to achieve the lost balance between profitability and societal value

Our Values

We cherish our following corporate values:
Truthfulness and honesty: our behavior is characterized by honesty, honesty, fulfillment of our promises and commitment to our pledges. We are keen to adhere to high standards of professional ethics, so our words are consistent with our actions.
Working with passion: the constant search for knowledge and ways to facilitate its circulation among us, we will achieve the highest levels of performance.
Working as a team: We seek cooperation and we seek to coordinate with others within our team and our sister companies in order to enhance team effectiveness and institutional teamwork.
Transparency: exchanging ideas openly and promoting an environment for open communication is highly appreciated.

General strategy

– Increasing the rental space
Improving operational revenues
– Developing and diversifying the quality of rental spaces (educational, commercial, recreational, tourism)
– Work to raise the rates of demand and maintain their progressive rates
Raising the operational efficiency of the company’s assets (maximizing operational returns versus operating expenses)
– Liquidation of the reserved capital in real estate and its rotation among real estate assets for development and rehabilitation to improve their operational returns
Horizontal expansion and integration of the company’s activities:
o Diversifying operating returns
Real estate financing
o Marketing, management and operation of real estate assets

Strategic goals

1. The growth of rental returns on the rental space by 90% within two years
2. Increasing the percentage of leased spaces, taking into account the increase in the volume of demand for them by 50% within two years
3. Diversification of rental spaces (commercial and recreational stores such as restaurants, cafes, cabarets, banking services, educational facilities, units and hotel suites with monthly / annual contracts, warehouses).


-Enhancing and developing sources of production and generation of cash flows
-Maximizing the value of the real estate assets the company owns
-Efficient investment and employment of all company resources

Keys to success in the industry

1. Exclusivity
2. Specialization
3. Market segmentation
4. Focus