Current projects

Lara Villas in Al-Qassim

فلل لارا

The residential commercial center with an industrial scheme

The residential commercial center with an industrial scheme (a residential commercial building consisting of commercial showrooms and labor accommodation)

The Investment project

The investment project (A class A fuel station project + a popular market) on an area of 260 thousand meters. المشروع الاستثماري

The first industrial project – Riad Al Khabra

The first industrial area is an industrial area located in the heart of Riyadh Al-Khabra city in the Al-Qassim region, the purpose of which is to give industrial businesses greater opportunities for material success by allowing them to be as efficient as possible in terms of location, production and operation. This unique project is the [...]

Muhammadiyah scheme in the Qassim region, Riyadh experts

The Muhammadiyah scheme in Riyadh al-Khabra governorate extends over an area of ​​1,311,222 square meters, which was divided into 1027 plots of land distributed over five main areas. A central commercial area and various government facilities were allocated separately from the land of the residential neighborhoods to meet the needs of the inhabitants while preserving [...]